History & Heritage Volume II is not a straightforward release. Compiled with integrity; this collection of 14 thoughtfully selected collaborations and rare tracks highlight the variables within the so called Neofolk genre… each gently remixed and/or edited before being attentively mastered by Hunter Barr at Retina II; including compositions with; :Golgatha:, The Lust Syndicate, Oda Relicta, Sagittarius, Seelenlicht and Vortex… there’s something for everyone here; all housed in a deluxe 6 panel digipak. Thank you for your patience, I have never been great with deadlines… hopefully you will find it’s worth the wait.

Sadly, but in the spirit of celebration, it is also the final release from the truly independent FolkWorld label. While Angels Watch has always been proud of previously releasing music on labels such as Folkworld, Cynfeirdd and Eis und Licht – those that did it for the love of art and who became family, not bosses; the holes they leave are soon filled by those inspired by a factory floor mentality. Hopefully, the project will find a worthy new partner, if not, future releases will be issued by Sowilo Media.

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