"Music that is genuinely violent; the violence of beauty rooted in beastly desire, the violence of breakdown, inhibition, failure, fatalism..." R. Jobson

"TCD is an homage [rather than a tribute band] by fans of old, to the urgent, chaotic, inspired, short journey that Joy Division took us on, taking care to present authentic versions of the original songs. For the connoisseur we often include musical and lyrical variations that were either performed, written or recorded. 

It's a testament to their history that New Order now fill out stadiums, but we like to think we have a place; we offer the street level experience of Joy Division back in the day... High energy, small halls, clubs and pubs, average gear, unpredictable sound engineers... it's the kind of show that Joy Division spent much of their short but dynamic existence playing.

Being fans ourselves, we have long been aware of the cringe-factor some of you may have. For us, time, need and approach blast away such narrow emotions. Come to one of our shows and see for yourself."

For further information please visit the facebook page TRANSMISSION CONTROL DIVISION